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WIDSIX Announces: Langely McNeal Added to the WIDSIX Pro Team
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The major goal of any professional athlete is to make themselves accessible to a wide audience, make their sport more appealing to the public,and create a solid fan base with which to share their passion for their chosen sport. Through Digital Branding (custom websites, graphics, video oduction,and more), WIDSIX helps athletes and clients by helping them harness their personality, enthusiasm, and love for their sport into a digital persona. WIDSIX believes this is best achieved through proper creation and marketing of an athlete's "brand".

WIDSIX takes their slogan, "Brand Yourself", very seriously and the company strives to help athletes, such as Professional Skier Grete Eliassen, materialize this "branding" concept by creating unique custom websites and graphics as a foundation for their online persona, then using social media and custom video production to increase their fan base.

"Grete Eliassen has been sponsored by WIDSIX for a while now, but it was time for a refresh on her site. We took her personality and blew it up so that it is more visible to the public. Her new custom website launched and has received great feedback from family, friends, and fans", said Roope, President of WIDSIX, when asked about Grete's new website. "A fully custom website which depicts her personality was been designed, developed, and launched with the hard work of our crew. The Website is not only for her professional career, but it is also acting as her way to communicate with her fans and promote sponsors", he added.

WIDSIX websites also give athletes a full and functional single point of access for fans. By developing a custom, professional website for athletes, WIDSIX creates a one-stop shop: links and feed from social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc), blog feeds and links, photo galleries, video galleries, and more.

With Grete's new website, WIDSIX has achieved another milestone in its ever- growing list of custom websites designed for professional athletes.

For more information on Digital Branding for Athletes (custom websites,graphics, video production, social media), Contact WIDSIX today!

John Roope,WIDSIX
3616 E Piccadilly Rd
Phoenix, Arizona,US
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