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Front Street Media Web Design Turns to the Use of Drone Photography
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Front Street Media Web Design firm in EL Dorado Hills, CA Turns to the Use of Drone Photography for custom website design and website development. The use of drones is now starting to take off and what better way to get stunning images, graphics and textures for a website design. Brenan Greene ( has always been an avid photographer for his website designs and when new technology starts popping up, Brenan is the first to act.

When the newly and now, widely used term "Drone" popped up, Brenan, the CEO and founder of Front Street Media ( in El Dorado Hills was naturally curious as was everyone. The only question was why and how this new technology could be geared towards web design and development. "Just imagine the graphics, textures, backgrounds, headers, footers and blog images you can come up with, the possibilities are endless" - Brenan says.

When the Front Street Media team first started flying drones for photography, everyone was a little rusty and really no one had a clue how to fly a drone, "this was a little over 2 years ago"- Brenan. After getting used to the quad copters, calibrations, satellites, gps and much more - "flying was easy" Brenan said.

Integrating the use of drone photography into website designs is about freedom, flexibly and an expression of art. Having the ability to reach heights up to 1000 feet, Brenan and his firm Front Street Media are continuing to blow the competition out of the water. With aerial views of business locations and aerial shots of service projects, each website designed by Front Street Media - web design and web development company will get free photography and that's right FREE drone photography.

"It really makes our websites stand out" - Brenan says.

Having aerial photography in your website and integrated into your web design is pretty cool and definitely different. How many of your competitors have awesome aerial shots of their business on their website, yeah not many! Front Street Media understands that not everyone will need aerial photography but when and if you ever do, they will be here for you. Some of the main industries that might benefits from drone photography in their website are the obvious agriculture, land surveying, photography, research, safety inspections and other. Some of the industries you may not thought of: Wineries, Sports Companies, Car Dealers, Heavy Equipment Dealers and many more - "just use your imagination and anything is possible" - Brenan says.

If you have any questions about drone photography for your website or are looking for a web design company that integrates the use of drone, contact Front Street Media of El Dorado Hills, CA. Brenan and his team will assist in your dreams of creating an absolutely breathtaking website design, search engine optimization (seo) campaign and much more.

Front Street Media web design services can be found on and Brenan Greene's SEO services can be found on

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